NAZE Diakonia Charitable Foundation implemented numerous programs throughout Armenia and Artsakh, and one of the most beautiful projects is building a sewing factory, which we named Naze. Given that the project unites a group of women exclusively with similar destinies, the product created by the factory, in the long run, meets the community’s needs. It […]


KTOR At KTOR our visual content creation strategy focuses on reel-making. We believe in showcasing the confidence of our clothing through engaging and dynamic visuals. Our reel-making videos feature models who embody the spirit of KTOR and represent the brave, independent, and successful women who choose our boutique. We also recognize that the clothing speaks […]


TOR CLOTHING At TorClothing, they believe every child deserves the safest and softest products, lovingly crafted with care. Our SMM strategy revolves around sharing our story, values, and exceptional products with parents, caregivers, and all those who prioritize the well-being of children. Through engaging social media content, captivating visuals, and heartfelt storytelling, we aim to […]


THE SLEEP LAND The SleepLand specializes in creating enchanting children’s bed linen. We are excited to engage with mothers of babies of all ages and share the wonders of this new and captivating brand. With our SMM strategy for The SleepLand, we aim to create a warm and engaging community of parents and caregivers. Our […]


FASHION INN Fashion Inn is a prominent multi-brand store showcasing the best of Armenian designers in Glendale. Our mission is to capture the attention of the American market and establish Fashion Inn as a go-to destination for stylish and high-quality Armenian fashion. Our strategy revolves around leveraging the power of social media platforms to showcase […]


BON PHARM Our objective was to create compelling content that captivates the audience, deviating from the conventional style typically associated with pharmaceutical companies. We wanted to introduce fresh air by incorporating vibrant colors and a bold social feed that resonates with our target audience. Through our SMM strategy, we have transformed BonPharm’s social media presence […]


AGHABABYAN We played a crucial role in developing and implementing a highly effective SMM strategy to enhance brand visibility and engage the fashion community. Here’s an overview of our strategic approach: Through our comprehensive SMM strategy, Aghababyan experienced enhanced brand visibility, increased engagement, and a stronger presence within the fashion community. By effectively leveraging social […]


MARIA’S Maria’s is an exquisite Armenian brand specializing in scarves adorned with captivating author’s illustrations. As visual content creators, our task was to curate captivating imagery for Maria’s Instagram. We aimed to showcase the unique designer scarves with captivating illustrations, allowing their beauty to shine through each post. We focused on capturing the details of […]


VISOR VISOR is a boutique laboratory dedicated to crafting exquisite luxury and premium hats. With a passion for quality, they import fabrics directly from Italy to ensure unparalleled craftsmanship. We created captivating visual content for VISOR, perfectly capturing the brand’s identity. Through stunning imagery and compelling visuals, we showcase the artistry, quality, and timeless appeal […]


EPIGUE EPIGUE is a captivating blend of creativity and rich Armenian history. In ancient Armenia, the gold diamond symbolized wealth and power, inspiring us to choose a name that pays homage to this heritage. Delving into the history of Armenian queens, we discovered the uniqueness of Epigue, the wife of King Arame. Drawn to her […]


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