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Fashion Business &
Marketing Intensive

Learn the latest fashion and
business trends through
marketing lenses.

Basics of visual Merchandising

Master the art of intelligently
crafted merchandise with our
team of experts.

The Fashion Business and Marketing course and the Basics of Visual Merchandising are foundational programs that empower individuals in the fashion industry. The Fashion Business and Marketing course offers practical skills in marketing strategies, business management, and a deep understanding of the current fashion landscape. The Basics of Visual Merchandising course focuses on the art of creating visually appealing displays, understanding consumer behavior, and maximizing the impact of visual merchandising techniques. 

Led by industry experts, this hands-on program equips individuals with the skills to create captivating store layouts, use lighting and colors effectively, and communicate brand messaging through visual displays. Both courses are solid foundations for individuals looking to excel in the fashion industry and expand their career opportunities. 


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