ANANYAN We are proud to announce the successful grand opening of Ananyan. It was an exceptional occasion that celebrated the world of handmade shoe luxury, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. As the organizers, we took great care in ensuring every detail was meticulously planned and executed. Guests had the opportunity to […]


PIAZZA ITALIA “Piazza Italia” is a famous Italian brand, created in 1993 in Naples by three brothers. It presents comfortable and “high street” style clothes that should be worn while walking in the squares of Italy.  A well-planned grand opening announced a store’s presence in the business community. The grand opening ceremony was memorable with […]


EPIGUE EPIGUE is a captivating blend of creativity and rich Armenian history. In ancient Armenia, the gold diamond symbolized wealth and power, inspiring us to choose a name that pays homage to this heritage. Delving into the history of Armenian queens, we discovered the uniqueness of Epigue, the wife of King Arame. Drawn to her […]


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