FAMI Fami was created for the online shop, which unifies multiple brands under one platform, and because it will be designed for all members of the family, we had task to choose a name that would best describe the brand ideology. So we stopped at Fami. Fami originates from the idea of unity, as the […]


OLYMPEAH During the branding process, one of the key elements we focused on was creating a distinctive and memorable logo for Olympeah. Taking inspiration from the brand’s essence and desire to make a unique statement, we divided the letter “O” in a visually striking and asymmetrical way. We selected green as the primary color for […]


MART MART is a uniquely designed jewelry brand of high-quality precious metals, semi-precious stones, and minerals. Mart has developed various jewelry collections, from pendants to key rings. Mart was founded in 2007 and already presented his collections in many Armenian jewelry salons. Recently MART entered the American market by presenting his jewelry collections in Los […]


ATOM ATOM is a media company producing video content of various genres. The terminal goal of Atom is to create valuable and high-quality content on Armenian YouTube. Since the media production aims to be accessible to the most diverse age groups with its content (mainly 10-40 years old), we decided to refer to the theory […]


ARTSAKH TASTE Artsakh Taste gathered women from Artsakh and organized a small production of jams and pickles according to traditional recipes. It has already been a year since starting production, and they constantly develop it by adding more unusual recipes and food assortment.


ASHELL ASHELL is a fashion clothing brand essential for self-expression and high quality. The guiding desire is to create a masterpiece,  to be ordinary. The brand is dominant or dictatorial,  offers a wide choice, and helps customers express themselves.


YOOOCOOK We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Yoocook, the first-ever encyclopedia dedicated to Armenian cuisine. With over 500 traditional and modern Armenian recipes, Yoocook is a comprehensive culinary guide that celebrates the rich flavors and cultural heritage of Armenian cooking. The book also provides valuable information on ingredients, nutrients, and cooking times, […]


JAQUETTE We developed a comprehensive brand identity for Jaquett. “Jaquett” emerged as the perfect choice for a name, paying homage to the word’s origin while deviating slightly to embody the modern minimalistic aesthetic. We crafted the brand’s logo to reflect its core values and unique style. The logo design combines sleek lines and minimalist elements, […]


MOOD BEAUTY STUDIO Facing a unique challenge, our team rose to the occasion, crafting a branding concept that showcases the Mood Beauty studio’s sophistication and contemporary appeal. We chose a fresh and innovative approach to typography that incorporates uppercase and lowercase letters seamlessly. We created a visual identity that exudes elegance, refinement, and a touch […]


MALETTI Since 2011, Maletti Medical Center has been a prominent name in the Armenian market for aesthetic and restorative medicine. With a focus on brighter colors, a modern and minimalist approach, and a commitment to unity, education, and market reform, the center has undergone a remarkable transformation. The colors beige, green, and pink represent aesthetic […]


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