You are a brand

Point one

You will learn to create your own personal branding strategy

Point two

You will have feedback for your written strategy after the master class

Point three

You will increase the value of your brand as a professional, making more money and gaining more publicity as a result

Details about the course


2.5 hours


You are introduced to the necessary tools and professional materials that we use via presentation. After the master class you have opportunity to write your personal branding strategy, introduce us and get a feedback.


90% of the classes are theoretical and 10% of the classes are practical


20.000 AMD


The master class does not provide you with a certificate


The course is exclusive and owned by the organization offering it.

“You are a brand” is the only master class dedicated to personal branding in Armenia, which has already been held 12 times. The master class is mainly attended by businessmen, experts in various fields, lawyers, doctors, etc. Thanks to the master class, you learn all the tools necessary for personal branding, which we use within the framework of our personal branding service. This is what guides us on the way to creating a brand for a number of my colleagues, as well as many of the participants of the master classes organized last year. You are a brand when you can earn much more at the expense of your image and reputation. You are a brand when you sell not only your professional skills and knowledge, but also your added value. These all you can create by participating in the master class and gaining competitive knowledge.

Course program

  • Why and who needs a personal brand?
  • Where to start? Market research, definition of target audience
  • What to expect from personal branding, income or recognition?
  • Imagemaking, Do you need an imagemaker or stylist? 
  • On which level of uniqueness are you? 
  • Writing marketing strategy for upcoming 6 months
  • Selection of social media platforms for your personal brand promotion
  • Setting up personal pages in social networks
  • Content marketing, tone of voice 
  • Networking and PR 
  • Monetization of your brand 
  • Barters and financial plan

Why Should I Take this Course?

  • You will appreciate your true talents and find what to build your brand on.
  • You will learn to work independently on your personal brand, improving your image and learning marketing tools for your promotion.
  • You will get to know the examples of already successful strategies of personal brands and you will be able to ask the questions that concern you to the expert.



The founder and CEO of Anna Salome Fashion Marketing agency, branding expert



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