Why watch the mini-series “Cristóbal Balenciaga”?

This year saw the release of two significant and captivating series in the fashion industry: “Cristóbal Balenciaga” and “The New Look”, paying homage to Christian Dior.

In January, Disney+ debuted the series “Cristóbal Balenciaga” about the designer-founder of the fashion house “Balenciaga”.

The designer of Spanish origin, but with the heart of a Frenchman, headed his fashion house for thirty years and became the most sought-after designer of that time.

Balenciaga founded the brand in 1937 and, thanks to his well-defined mission, talent and hard work, achieved revolutionary results in sewing and style, still admired today.

“The King is dead.” – this is how The Women’s Wear Daily named its cover in March 1972, and the reader, of course, immediately understood who it was about, since only he was called the king in this area.

His handwriting, approach and the widespread recognition of his eminence are perfectly visible in the series.

It is subtly illustrated how Balenciaga’s Spanish heritage both hindered and aided him throughout his career.

The process of creating Queen Fabiola of Belgium’s dress, the associated structural and confidentiality challenges, and Balenciaga’s magnificent solutions were all very impressive. Watching how he solved these problems showcased his remarkable talent and innovation.

The portrayal of Chanel’s role during that period, Balenciaga’s rivalry with Dior, Cristóbal’s attempts to help Givenchy were fascinating. Truly, it was a remarkable era in the history of fashion, during which  the largest houses of the haute couture industry were established.

Balenciaga’s decision to retire, closing his fashion houses in Paris, San Sebastion and Madrid, was both impressive and bold. However, it seemed peculiar that he did not personally inform his employees or bid them farewell. Following this, legal battles ensued.

The series helped to uncover many other facets of Balenciaga, with all its quirks. We highly recommend watching it if you are a fan of high fashion and interested in the stories of fashion brands.

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