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Fashion Business &
Marketing Forum 2022

The Armenian fashion industry experienced another remarkable event on September 10, 2022, with the Fashion Business & Marketing Forum 2 hosted by ALEX Textile, the largest textile company in the country. This highly anticipated forum brought together diverse speakers who shared their expertise and insights with the attendees.

The event featured renowned speakers such as Alexander Artsvuni, former product designer of the popular Farfetch marketplace, who brought valuable insights from his experience in the industry. Another notable speaker was Anushka Ayvazyan, a fashion influencer and blogger from Moscow, known for her unique style and influential presence. Additionally, the forum showcased the expertise of Lucine Ayanian, Artak Ordyan, Anna Salome, Sevag Djidjirian, Gevorg Balyan, Armine Tadevosyan, and Alyona Konova, an honorary member of the jury of international contests of young designers and a speaker at BEINOPEN, SKILLBOX, and Fashion Factory School.

The Fashion Business & Marketing Forum 2 was a resounding success, providing attendees with valuable insights and knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the industry. This event demonstrated the growing importance of the Armenian fashion industry and highlighted the country’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity within the field.


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