Fashion Business &
Marketing Intensive


Highly effective and condensed courses that provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience. You will gain the necessary skills to succeed in a short time frame without compromising on quality.



This course is tailored to accommodate learners at every level. You don’t need any prior experience in the field to participate in the intensive.


Upon completion of the course, you will possess a thorough and organized comprehension of the Armenian fashion market, equipped with all the necessary tools to establish a powerful brand identity and formulate an effective marketing strategy that appeals to your desired audience.

Details about the course


8 lessons / 20 hours


The course comprises 8  lessons, consisting of 6 theoretical sessions followed by 2 practical sessions + 1 exam. During the practical sessions, Anna Salome will supervise and guide you through the process of creating and branding your business, covering all essential steps.


87.000 AMD


Participants who successfully pass the final exam will be granted a certificate of completion for the course.


The course is exclusive and owned by the organization offering it.

The Fashion Business and Marketing course is a unique collection of Anna Salome’s 8-year professional experience in the Armenian Fashion market. By enrolling in this course, you will quickly build a strong network and gain practical and competitive skills that are highly relevant in Armenia’s current Fashion and Business market. Taught by a top industry expert, this course takes a practical, hands-on approach, equipping you with valuable tools and techniques directly applicable to your work. With a proven track record of 11 completed sessions, our Fashion Business and Marketing Intensive program has empowered over 160 individuals, including aspiring professionals, designers, stylists, bloggers, and more.

Important to know

  • The program is designed to offer hands-on experience through workshops, practical assignments, and group discussions based on actual real-life scenarios relevant to the participants. 
  • Participants will be given access to a comprehensive list of the agency’s suppliers and partners and their contact information. This resource is invaluable for participants’ business activities and can be utilized throughout the program.
  • Participants will have a unique opportunity to receive a 20% discount on all other courses and forums offered by the agency and the chance to participate in them.

Who is this course suitable for?

Our program is designed for three main groups
  • For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their own fashion business.
  • For marketers seeking specialization or expertise in the fashion industry.
  • For fashion enthusiasts and career seekers who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of fashion business and marketing.

Course program

  • Introduction
  • What is fashion marketing?
  • What is the structure of the fashion market?
  • What are the sociological approaches to fashion?
  • What is a brand?
  • BRAND IDENTITY: The corporate style of the brand, brand book.
  • What is a brand profile?
  • How to choose a brand archetype? What are the 12 archetypes?
  • Brand positioning. Brand wheel.
  • How to do a SWOT analysis?
  • What is the marketing mix, and what are the components of the 7Ps?
  • How to define the target audience? (market segmentation, target selection, targeting)
  • Generational Theory in Marketing.
  • Advertising media: How to choose the most effective one for your brand? (ATL, BTL, TTL)
  • How to make a marketing strategy?
  • Content marketing: Tone of Voice, AIDA, AIU, and ODC models.
  • Visual content. How to create quality sales content?
  • What are the steps involved in creating a Brand Visual Strategy?
  • The basics of visual merchandising.
  • 5 rules of Merchandising.
  • The law of the Golden Triangle of Merchandising.
  • Hot and cold zones of the trading zone.
  • Clothing stands.
  • Mannequins.
  • POS materials.
  • Sound and light system.
  • Gold and silver shelves.
  • Dressing rooms. Cash registers.
  • The basics of visual merchandising.
  • 5 rules of Merchandising.
  • The law of the Golden Triangle of Merchandising.
  • Hot and cold zones of the trading zone.
  • Clothing stands.
  • Mannequins.
  • POS materials.
  • Sound and light system.
  • Gold and silver shelves.
  • Dressing rooms. Cash registers.
  • Influencer Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • What is SMM? The role of SMM in sales.
  • Which social platforms are relevant now? General familiarity with each platform: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Tik Tok.
  • Competitor analysis. 
  • Creating business pages. Developing an SMM strategy.
  • Instagram & Facebook pages’ internal structure.
  • Ads Manager. Targeted advertising.
  • Creating a content plan and content calendar.
  • Applications for creating and planning a content plan and other tools.
  • Practical workshops



Throughout 8 intensive sessions totaling 20 hours, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry, acquiring essential practical and competitive knowledge. Through analyzing real-life cases, you will gain valuable insights into how established brands in the Armenian market operate.


The intensive program is attended by starting designers, founders, and business owners of leading brands in the market, providing an excellent networking opportunity.

Access to resources

Anna Salome will provide access to a range of real-life resources such as SMM strategies, photoshoots, and research materials.



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