Basics of visual Merchandising


Basics of Visual Merchandising is one and only course about merchandising in Armenia. Due to its uniqueness and success the number of participants for this course is growing day by day, therefore, it’s the most demanded course in Armenia.


After completing the three-day course “Basics of Visual Merchandising” you can get a job both in Armenian designer stores and at commercial centers for franchised brands.


Upon completion of the course thanks to the visual and practical lessons, you acquire practical skills, through which you can increase the sales of any clothing brand by 35%.

Details about the course


3 lessons / 8 hours


The course involves 3 lessons, consisting of 2 theoretical lessons and 1 practical session in Mango women’s clothing store at Yerevan Mall and 1 exam at the end of the course. Throughout the course Anna Salome and Abraham Murad will accompany you through the basics of visual merchandising and give many important insights that will help you to reveal the secrets of merchandising.


87.000 AMD


The participants who will successfully complete the course will be given a certificate for finishing the course.


The course is exclusive and owned by the organization offering it.

Merchandising refers to the strategic planning and presentation of products or goods in a retail environment with the aim of maximizing sales and enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.It involves various techniques to attract attention, create a desirable ambiance, and encourage purchases. Effective merchandising plays a crucial role in influencing consumer behavior and driving business success in the Fashion industry.

The Basics of Visual Merchandising course is a foundational guide to core principles that underpin the world of captivating displays and immersive fashion environments. Taught by experienced experts, you’ll learn practical skills  and purchase a lot of tools that match today’s retail needs. With its proven impact on empowering individuals, including designers, marketers, and retail enthusiasts, this course seamlessly blends creativity with business acumen, offering a gateway to mastering the art of visual merchandising.Join a diverse community of learners who have harnessed these skills to excel in various facets of the fashion industry.

Who is this course suitable for?

Our program is suitable for these three groups of people

  • For existing and established visual merchandisers 
  • For individuals who already own a clothing store and want to increase their sales
  • For seekers of fashion who want to acquire a new in-demand profession

Course program

  • Introduction – What is visual merchandising? 
  • Factors affecting merchandising
  • Entering zone of the shop
  • Features of men’s, women’s and children’s sections
  • Demonstrative tables 
  • Playlist 
  • Showcases
  • Hot and cold zones 
  • Golden and silver shelves
  • Sorting of products
  • Simple and complex color combinations
  • Trends 
  • Work with basic clothing
  • Coordination of the store
  • Facture and print of garments
  • Actual combinations of the season
  • Practical class in the store 
  • Work with a mannequin
  • Work with walls 
  • Work with demonstrative tables 
  • General merchandising of the store



Throughout 3 sessions,in brief 8 hours, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the merchandising sphere, acquiring essential practical skills and knowledge. Due to the practical session in the store participants will face real-time problems in merchandising and try to solve them. Also, participants will be provided with rich literature about merchandising.


The program is attended by starting and established designers, founders, and business owners of leading brands in the market, which provides an excellent networking opportunity.

Access to resources

The course provides a great opportunity to create portfolios for participants in the stores who are partners with Anna Salome Fashion Marketing agency.



The founder & CEO of ANNA SALOME Fashion Marketing Agency

Abraham Murad

Window Dresser-Decorator at Zara


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